Friday, July 13, 2012

why do poor stay poor ??


  1. uhhh .... i disagree - a lot of people have an education and work in a field that they LOVE but that doesn't pay as much as say a doctor , veterinarian, lawyer ... etc ... and sometimes lack of money equals lack of education - my job doesn't pay a lot but i LOVE my work - i am divorced and do not receive child support so its me, as sole income provider and i have to pay for daycare because my son is not in school - u forgot 100 other factors in your chart and not to sound like a hormonal woman ....... it is kind of offensive .. because my job requires an education, which i have - i could study more and become a vet but a ... no daycare ... b ... not enough money ... c ... not enough time in a day to work an overnight job in my field .. a day job in my field ... and fast track through college to go to vet school .. - i rarely see my son as it is now , or sleep , or live in the place i struggle to pay rent for ... just saying ..

    1. Truth.There are so many factor in the life and everyone have something different.Sometimes one can be on right place in right time and still miss to catch lucky coin.

  2. you are very right... education is IMP but there are so many other factors....
    life in itself is a struggle and we just have to make the most of it

  3. Wow lady why are you posting all your business to the public. Obviously the graph is supposed to just make a point, not to be applied to every singe person on earth.

  4. Life is not a simply graph.Everybody have their own graph I think.

  5. your posting is very good about why do poor stay poor ??



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