Saturday, December 14, 2013

6 Things I Learned At Dallas "House Of Genius"

I was honored to be a part of Dallas House Of Genius (HOG) last week. House of Genius is a once-monthly entrepreneurial gathering designed to provide startups with anonymous feedback by skipping formal introductions. Basically you present your business ideas to people you have never met before. Sound scary ? But it was kind of FUN. 

Here are 6 important things I learned in 3 hours.................

1 - Being in the "Unknown" is kind of SEXY..... 
As humans we love to go to events where we know people. But it was kind of fun to exchange ideas with people I knew nothing about. I walked away with awesome new connections

 2 - Be open and flexible
As entrepreneurs we love our baby (biz idea) but we should be open to how other people see our baby. Everybody will have different views bust just listen with an open mind & absorb as much as you can.

3 - Start NOW !
I think we all know this already. We are just afraid of taking action but RIGHT NOW is the best time to start doing what we always wanted to do

4 - FOCUS FOCUS & FOCUS some more 
More people we talk to, more opinions we get. Some good, some awesome and some not so good. But the most important thing is that we should never lose our FOCUS..

5 - Collaborations creates the "Real Genius" 
I am not going to lie, I was confused about the meaning of House Of Genius, but its the open collaboration and disruptive thinking that creates the genius (LOVE IT..)

6 - People matter the most
First House of Genius was hosted by The Grove ( a new kind of co-working space in Dallas). I was really impressed by the support and arrangements made by The Grove community.  

So what do you guys think ? Would you participate in HOG in your city ? :)  

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